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Confira a Letra And This Will Stay Forever


And This Will Stay Forever

Look around!
The ray of revenge, it's time
We must fight,
And we know what to fight for.
The light sky becomes gloomy
And the battle begins -
Enemies are sinking in blood,
Black hordes return from the fight,
We carry the flag of victory
White peaks of the mountains
Had turned red coloured
By the blood of innocent people,
We will come from the dark
And full of power,
We will be ready for a next fight,
We will drag out hearts of enemies.

Your majesty from sky of gods,
From the thousand mystic clouds of storms,
With the thunderwrath of night
We will ride and ride, and ride...

We will rise colours of war
We will destroy servants of light
We will glorify the evil
And this will stay forever!
The night is coming,
but we are full of power,
We are ready for the battle
And we are ready to destroy enemies,
The number of enemies is decreasing,
They become corpses
They are destroyed
And we retreated to spitefull dark...