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Confira a Letra Eternal Life

Justin Unger

Eternal Life

Talkin' loud but no one's listening
Walkin' round in circles going nowhere
Full of self but still so empty
So afraid I've come this far for nothing
It?s all for nothing.
But You chose to make a better way:

This is eternal life
We can know You
The one truth
This is eternal life
We can see You
Believe You
In Your Son, Jesus Christ
Whom You sent to save us from ourselves
This is eternal life

I've come to know that we?re not dreaming
I can hear the world is screaming out in pain
Living out its shame
There's a place for all our yearning
There's a name for all our hoping out there
I know it?s out there.
But we were made to breathe the air He gives
We are called to live the way He lived

There's a shape for all our yearning
There's a name for all our hoping
This is eternal life