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Confira a Letra “Sacred Love”

Kansu Project

“Sacred Love”

You leave the key of your mind in the ocean.
And in the same time we had a pray for all gods.
Then we know how connect we are …the voice
Of the old ways makes me see how.

Your love brings me here.
Your love makes me strong.
Your love makes me believe.
And elevate my soul – sacred love.

In your arms there’s no fear.
In your eyes I’ve found serenity, peace, love and life…us.
I found us, love and peace.
I doubt if anyone knows what I feeling inside myself.
When you look to me.
When you touch my face

When you whisper how you love me…oh! (love me)
All the moments are perfect when we are together.
In your arms there’s no fear
My sweet sacred love. Oh, my sweet sacred love
Sacred love.