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Confira a Letra The Empire State

Karate High School

The Empire State

No matter how far.
No matter, I fall apart.
Remember, you came from the stars and you're perfect just the way you are.

Once underground, light never hit my face.
I took the staircase up and into your embrace.
The concrete is hot, warmed by the rays of a thousand suns.
I let the memory burn before the moment is gone.

On a night somewhere in the big city air.
With a scientist in an ambulance.
Remember you came from the stars, and you're perfect just the way you are.

The lights are flashing; we'll run and never stop.
It's only five flights up until we reach the top.
So delicate, the gentle truth of our memory.
And in the darkest night, I feel your light shining down on me.

No matter how far we're apart.
No matter, I fall apart.
No matter how far, and no matter how long that we are apart, I will always be true