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Confira a Letra What We Have Lost

Kari Rueslatten

What We Have Lost

I never thought that I'd belong
I never thought that I would find someone
A shelter, some place to call home
A story told, a story never ending
It's always been so many turns
So many rivers needing crossings
This could be the final stop
The destination for the two of us
Now it's all so clear
Now it's all so real
Like the day before the first dawn
Reminding us, calling out to us what we've become
Mountains raising to the sky
Seeing through the mist, seeing through the mist what we have lost
All I ever saw was black
A distant memory of some thing out there
A vague thought that this might change
That someday every thing would turn around
For this reason I've lost the fight
For this reason I've been losing the light

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