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Confira a Letra Dead Zygote


Dead Zygote

Chapter iii - dethroned son

The skin, the veins, my flesh are tearing by themselves...

The inverted flow of my pulsation, of my life
Is being asphyxiated?
My glands begin to secrete acidic pus
Aspiring my organs...

He's damnation, early transformation...
Unnamable are my forms of decay. decay.
I run, spitting forth my thick blood...
I crouch to mortify my sleep. sleep.
Muscles are crushed from the inside?
I pass away! to die...
I volatilize as a soul... soul...

Growing in at dark speed!
The demonic presence has baptised in me...
I wont let him be born!
This immortal creature,
This demoniacal vigorous demon.
I plunge in my corpse...
To clash the uproar.

I storm by rays, bleeding its energy
Suffering... he reveals his toxic corruption.
Spreading... its decease envelopping my anguished
Paralysis sets in me?
I blaze of holiness... tremouring his sickness...
I grasp his power... draining him to be enfeeble.
I eradicate his remains...
To negate his last particle of life...
Blast to invisble ashes... choking forth...
Infernal blitz... into immortal reality...
The anti-soul evolution fades away...
It regresses eternally.
The shadow of his fear...
Which inhabited me for years!
Lost his answers...
Of unmortal-spirituality.

My life half rejoined my other half
Soul and body to make one lethal force.
In connection the reincarnation of my cells...
Returned me as my own!

I feel...
Recoverance from my rest.
The night still has a part of me?
To forge my soul...

Untrapped from reality,
In the middle of a ceremony.
The shield of time breaks in a church?
Regardless as the candles were losing life...
Scripts of blood bound in the wax!
To melt deep below the lights...

Extinguished the hoing priests.
Blind confused thoughts.

As the sun's rays, destroy... the stained glasses...
I scream... victory...
When i run to bash... the front doors...
Light beams of... wonderful fire!
Burns me.
Soul freed! happiness avenged me...

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