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Confira a Letra This Dreadful Life

Kay Hanley

This Dreadful Life

Oh the simple days in a haze
out on peaceful seas
and you shook me out of my dungarees
and its true
it's not a lie
how time does fly
especially in good company
elevated by the view
and i got myself so terribly unglued
by the simple days
i'm amazed despite my strategies
that there can't be many days like these
so gimme everything
this dreadful life has got to adore
they said i had enough
but now i think i really need some more
because i like the sound
of my feet hitting the ground
don't be so afraid
you got it made
you're only 25 but johnny black and humboldt
green made it worth the drive
and it's not a lie because it's true
youth is wasted on youth
especially when you let it pass you by
elevated by the view
get me up and out cause i'm totally confused
everybody gets so wrapped around the variables
but i was never very good at math at all
still everybody gets so wrapped around them
and i guess that i would too
but i'm not in the mood
gimme everything this dreadful life.......