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Confira a Letra Princely Ghetto

Kay Hanley

Princely Ghetto

A lesser girl might have
just given up
but i stopped listening to my mind
and still i summon the will to chase you
like you've committed a crime
i just want what's mine
so i watched the sun
through the dust off my tires
as i sped my way to you
and i've told myself so many damned lies
often times i don't even know what's true
color my baby blue
and the light spilled out around us
so i wore it like stiletto
and you shoulda hid
but i gotcha kid
ain't this a princely ghetto
my fingers on your faded blue jeans
where my eyes had already been
you're not too young
don't be scared
nothing's wrong
did your mama say it's a sin?
just let me in
and the light spilled out around us....
diamond and ruby and aquamarine
sapphire, emerald and tourmaline
opal and onyx and amethyst and you
a lesser girl might have just given up.....
and the light spilled out around us.....