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Confira a Letra Made In The Shade

Kay Hanley

Made In The Shade

Walk out the door
turn around
pick up the phone
put it down
your voice gets so disappointed
and i don't want to hear that sound
said the queen bee
get thee back
and trampoline me to the right track
i said i'm sorry
and i can't say it any better than that
every moment gets replayed
and recreated in my head
i go back to all the perfect things
i wish i would have said
i'd be made in the shade
fantastical sweet surprise
maniacal was my demise
it left me standing
with a solar landing in my eyes
said the queen bee
everything's wrong
so go ahead
and get along
but first do your worst
i got my best happy ending face on
every moment gets replayed......
if you're having trouble understanding what i mean
what i've been meaning to say
is we've got to call our own armistice day
and if it's all a circle
everything to me's a circle
i'll just cover my eyes
and when i cover my eyes
i miss the parade
said the queen bee
take it back
every moment gets replayed.....