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Confira a Letra Please Don't Let it End Like This

Kind Of Like Spitting

Please Don't Let it End Like This

I never guessed a kiss could feel so honest. I never
expected a thing from you.
I'm not the one who's special
but it made me feel so brand
new. You made me feel like
nothing mattered. Made me
believe that love was pure. I
want to feel like I still
matter to you. Stayed up all
night same as last night and
the one before just like the
night we spent before. Last
time I saw you I tried to hide it wasting my time
hoping you would walk by. I
would have never guessed how
deeply you have made me fall
for you. I'm not sure how you
still feel about us, I myself
am a bit confused. I realize
that you don't need me but
right now I'm missing you.
Please don't let it end this way.