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Confira a Letra Crossover Potential

Kind Of Like Spitting

Crossover Potential

We like the music with the vocals mixed low, we speak of
songs as if no one else
knows, so unoriginal our m.o.
until something better
happens, until we find
another way, hey your soul
has no crossover potential,
is that the brain you want to
own. In the clubhouse with
the door closed, convoluted
scene yeah I think I know
exactly what you mean,
someday I'll find out what
this hope's for, find
distance between my happiness
and this bullshit dream. So
apropos, hey that's our story
how it goes, I hope we don't
have to spend life on our
knees, begging do something
with us please your average

woe has no punk rock credentials! Your voice is

not your own, so you better find you some friends and try
to make this feel like home,
you better find you some
friends or else you're gonna

go it alone.