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Confira a Letra All Else Failed

Kind Of Like Spitting

All Else Failed

There's a place in my heart that won't kiss you goodbye that can't accept the truth that things aren't working out as planned.
its so hard to admit that
I drove you away with all this negativity, this anger every day.
Your heart doesn't belong to me.
Your heart doesn't belong to me.
I know I don't have the right to bug you with how this feels, its just the hardest thing I've been through, nothings ever felt so real. And on this Sunday night you'll be making love to him, I know because you told me I'm never going to win.
Your heart doesn't belong to me.
The blood is not on your hands.
Its not your fault that
I write these things at night.
I brought it on myself.
I deserve this.
I deserve this.
I deserve this.
Do I really deserve this?