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Confira a Letra Trying To Control Me


Trying To Control Me

Trying to control me, give up
You don't even know me
That's the I hate it when you're trying to control me, give it up, give it up
You don't even know me, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

I'd like to be the way I want be
It's hard for me to act as someone I am not
And while I try to find out who I really am not
It's someone else who already knows

You walk into my life and you call me up
I don't want to talk
Telling me I need your protection
And you think that it's for sure
That soon I'll be like you wanted me
Well go ahead
Find someone else


It's not that I'm positively within myself
That's just the way it's got to be
I know I'm wrong
Just as much as I am right
Sometimes I fall
Can't get up on my own

But that don't give you the right to keep telling me
Who I've got to be
You think I don't understand it
That you try to make of me
A doll fits you perfectly
That's why it's goodbye, bye ,bye


It's about the freedom to choose my own destiny
Choose your own destiny
If you wanna lose me
Then have a little faith in me