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Confira a Letra Slavery



Slaves we are
Slaves to Pharaoh
We can't see
Nothing but sorrow

''All men born to the Nile will be thrown
Though females will keep living on''

We were made to serve with rigor
Mortar and bricks made us bitter
In Egypt, slavery
Pain, 400 years

Pharaoh let my people go
Or thou shalt suffer so
Ten strikes upon your soul
'Till the last Egyptian fall

Pharaoh let my people go
Or thou shalt suffer so
First blood upon the Nile
Last your first-born one shall die

''Let loose your chains of wrath
Upon this foul land
This Is My Command!''

My people in pain
My efforts in vain
I yearn for your aid
Show me the way!

So god strengthen the heart of the king
For him to feel the pain within
We were made to serve with rigor
Building the pyramids we feel so shuddered
In Egypt, slavery
No rebellion, 400 years