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Confira a Letra The First Warrior


The First Warrior

Since the childhood he dreamed
To engage in the wars
He's been trained for this

But when his desire comes true
He discovers how far
Are his ideas of honor

Bridge 1
Shaped by grand men
How to learn and live

He's the first!
He´s the first!
He's the First Warrior!
The First Warrior!
He takes from the torments
The rise of his force

He's the first!
He´s the first!
He's the head of the clan!
The head of the clan!
The First Warrior made himself stronger
Than he had ever dreamed

Main 2
Son of Viking and Celtic blood
Different morals, different sins
Fill his vision of the world

Owner of his own army
He will possess the sword
The one which shall bring justice

Bridge 2
Many adversities
He faces in life
Great difficulties
He can fight!

Than he had ever dreamed
The battles shall begin
The honest ones shall win
Leaded by the First Warrior

The founder of his clan
The leader of the men

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