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Confira a Letra B-boy pose


B-boy pose

1 2, a 1-2

Sail through the shodown sangfroid
Dig in to dilemma like a digital droid
Abattoir abandoned acrobatic area
Adulation the mass hysteria
Learn by heart listen lyrical lesson
Scientific sound search studio session
Go off the deep end keep your nose to the grindstone
B-boy battle barbarian to the boneyo

1,2 microphone check
It's time to test this terrific technique
Mystified, mesmerized marvellous mechanics
Kwan creating chans, catastrophical climate
Blast, baze, brr
Blizzards cn't be laying back
Taste the thundreous Tasmanian typhoon
Creatin' challengin' concepts in my cerebrum cocoon
Sounds n' nights
Selection psychic
Slammafied sensational show 'aight?!

Strike the b-boy pose
Impress me
Strike the b-boy pose
Too many high fives
Too many yos

Strike the b-boy pose
Impress me
Strike the b-boy pose
Too many high fives
Too many yos

Ko lo ko lo ko lo ko locomotion
Liberate my level of lexis
Loose the loudspeaker loud loungechair you must exit
Express yourself and feel the fx of the Kwan
Check your pulse

Comma comma comma to my castle
Confort my click clock
Strikes midnight
Ready or not
Here we come
And if you're mettlesome you don't run
You don't run



Yo, it's time for some action
Pass me the mic
I rock the dancefloor
Ya'll in the direction
A sudden malfunctional problem with the

Can everybody tell me what's going on over here
what a hell
sabydubydabydudydadydaa dudududuu
good to be that

In the middle of my blast that's a fact
Yo, the beat is gettin' abstract
What's the issue
And why is he standin' on his hands
Oh, a b-boy stance

I'm sorry
The jazz hypnoticed me
But don't worry about me
'Cause I'm back as you can see
One more time we strike the b-boy pose, no doubt
And then we're out



Strike the b-boy pose
Strike the b-boy pose
Too many high fives
Too many yos
Strike the b-boy pose (4x)

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