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Confira a Letra Chillin' at the grotto


Chillin' at the grotto

Welcome to the Dynasty's lounge
In this lab we be created new sounds
People gather around
Chillin' at the Grotto

The world is turning all by itself
So you don't have to push it
Good things come to those who wait
So you don't have to rush it
I don't know why
But this is what I love
What I sing is on my mind but it comes from the heart


We be taking it easy, repeat after me

Hey, hey hold on
When I'm down and I'm feeling restless
If I'm lost and I'm waisted and stressed
You will always lead my way
Write about the sorrow (We're ready for tomorrow)
I propose a toast for my brave Kwan soldiers
I'm caunting on my sweet Killer angels
Together we will rock this world
We're ready for tomorrow (Write about the sorrow)
Save this moment and make this last all night
Freeze the time
Look into my eyes I feel love for the first time
Drink this wine with me
Live this life with me
I hope that you can feel my love
I hope that you can feel my, my love

We be taking it easy, repeat after me