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Confira a Letra As The Rain


As The Rain


[Verse 1]
You ask me how we do this the way it's supposed to be done
I'm out here tracing my steps
for the people that gave me a place to sleep
And food to eat before faces of death
Thanks for the help and all the support lend me a g when I was in need
My pops was unsure and I was in court
Somebody out there had to believe
They gave me the go ahead to keep movin' on
Keepin' with faith wasn't easy at all
Dealin' with the haters dodging these laws
Who would of ever thought Easy would fall
Now what's left to do got to chase this paper by any means at necessary
It's a hell of a load we got to carry
Man this struggling shit is temporary
Every year got to bury one more nigga in a cemetery
This life be wicked and scary
So I bust this shell in yuh yearly
Yeah you rest in peace Carrie, Wally, Easy, Terry and Vu,
Baby Boy, Uncle Charles, Biggie and 2pac remember I'm with you
Got shit to do so you blowin through top drop bumpin' the dub
Y'all my niggas y'all my fallen angels and you livin' now what


[Verse 2]
Let me check the time on my rollie like it's moving far from slowly
And if you don't know me by now I guess I'll be marching by my lonely
Nigga got shit to do got shit to face from place to place
And it ain't no way in the world go
that say you might tis well stack your plate

If you get down how you live then you alright with me
But if you fake and tellin' lies nigga you ain't tight with me
Only hungry niggas eat they don't ride with steel
And only phony niggas cheat ain't got no time to real
Cause when you real in the field oh you a man cause you kill
But nigga you'll squeal on your pa