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Confira a Letra Psychoactive Heritage

Lacerated and Carbonized

Psychoactive Heritage

Hammering adrenalin surge
Summoning my deviance
Psychoactive turpitude - fed upon your crumbling fate
Raving frenzy unrestrained - for i am madness incarnate

Elicit unyielding rage from prying eyes of terror
Your horrified writhing
A catalyst to the slaughter

Cast the reflection of the human sphere
Embodied shadow of a godless spit

Stirrings of your heaving breath
Conjure my primeval fiend
Sworn to savor your own death - afflictive ordeal none may depict
In a bestial litany - this hollow fear turns you convict

Purveyor of utter madness
Impairing your equality
Lie abide with terror
Rites of ruination

Tainted affection
All moral is slain
Erratic obsession
To seize your decay

No deity to resound
This horrid path i pave
Bestowed delirium
A predatory deed

Wages of torment
Framing pain
Lamed and gagged
Beast of prey

Feed the anguish
Meet your fate
Brutal instinct
Steered by hate

Tainted affection
All moral is slain
Erratic obsession
To seize your decay