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Confira a Letra Third World Slavery

Lacerated and Carbonized

Third World Slavery

Brutal red command
Druglords arm their fiefdoms
Beyond a wall of fear
A state on the brink of collapse

Self determination fed by hatred
Segregation - hopeless nation
Broken promisses
Architecture of disease

Welcome to where corruption overrules
Welcome to where depravity is unbound

We crawl amidst whe wreckage
We breathe brutallity
Revulsion sets the message

Separation led to hatred
Segregation - hopeless nation
Broken promisses
Set the core of disruption

Welcome to where corruption is the rule
Welcome to where distress is sovereign

Blood drenched power

Taste the anger in the streets
Feel the sorrow in their eyes
Third world slavery

Emptiness that sells disgrace
Deceive, erase
Emptiness that sells disgrace
Deceive and betray

Delution leads the speech
Our people cry
A trace of hope is dead and gone
Welcome to rio
Third world slavery

Third world - blood
Third world - pain
Third world - death