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Confira a Letra Nerds On Fire


Nerds On Fire

It isn't time to rest
Don't stop being obsessed
Install those nefarious files
Let the nightmare obscure your mind

Wad is the extension of the madness core
Lose your self-control

Whit plasma rifle smash the apple
And with a chainsaw we'll subvert Microsoft
Shotgun blast....killing fast...mental hack
New game, new play, IDKFA
Lacerhate against Bill Gates
Fuck World of Warcraft is the beginning of WASD art
Select ultra-violence
Flames of all nerds

Antisocial morbidity...epileptic reality
Nerds on fire

Know master of evil ripped your HD
Know perdition controls your keys
It's a mass of murder simulation
It's your terror social network
We are spawn of id Software....disciples of Duke Nukem
Our life is FPS
Lacerhate smash your MAC

Antisocial morbidity...epileptic reality
Nerds on fire