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Confira a Letra Alarm



so i will write you in between the time right now and when i leave
so stay suceptable for one more hour so i dont lose you,
and if that hurts you pull the alarm, before the time we have is gone
cuz ive got a friend whos breaking down about that right now.
but if, youve ever thought of me make it known before i leave.
just so i know so before i replace this. and if you see me walk away and
somethin inside you breaks, hold it as the first time you and i had ever felt the same.

oh my god i almost bled to death you always kept that effect but it's catching on to me no and i dont blame for all of my headaches every disaster i built on my own. those are all mine im accepting of that, i dont blame you anna but if...


and im not writting to bring you down its just so hard to live without,
and im not writting to bring you down...but if...


and hold it while you wait, for grey november days, and wrap it in your arms and keep it warm for i'll think of you today and each one i'm away and if you feel you're forgetting, please remember to wait.