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Confira a Letra I'm in Love (With a Noxious Gas)


I'm in Love (With a Noxious Gas)

I'm in love with a noxious gas
I like her face and I like her ass
She asked for marriage and I said "I will"
Then I breathed her in, now I'm seriously ill

I'm in love with a poisonous fume
Though we can never be in the same room
We went for a walk as the day was clear
She escaped into the atmosphere

I'm in love with a toxic mist
I trapped a wisp inside my fist
But she seeped into my pores
Now my skin is covered in weeping sores

My immunity is growing, my resistance is improved
I told my friends the way I felt, they seemed genuinely moved
I'm not a bit concerned when my losses are financial
I just wish my love could be a little more substantial

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