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Confira a Letra Face Like An Android


Face Like An Android

She's got a face like an android so how should I know what she is feeling?
She's got a face like an android, what emotions is she concealing?
She says the heart that beats inside her chest
Is just the same as all the rest
But she's got a face like an android so how should I know?

She says she's having a good time, but I remain a skeptic
She blinks every twelve seconds, her tears are antiseptic
Her hair is always perfect, though she never stops to groom
Does her pulse even quicken when I enter the room?

She's got a photographic memory; no indiscretion escapes
It's like she backs it all up on a succession of tapes
But I won't ask questions... I'll let the truth slide
Android or not, I'm happy when she's by my side

She never frowns, she never smiles
I swear I hear her brain hum when she's accessing her files
Is she human? Is she machine?
I caught her using my computer without turning on the screen.