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Confira a Letra Flipside



I will point out the upside
To your unfortunate state
Yes, you've got no energy
But tomorrow you can sleep late!
And you've got no money
Which irks you greatly!
But you've picked up a load
Of cool stuff lately

Baby, you're a frowner
Queen of the furrowed brow
Yes you are a downer!
And it must stop... Now!
I will find the expression
That will lift you from depression
Let me check my files
For something that will make you smile

If the cat stopped you sleeping
By purring in your face
At least he makes up for it
By being generally ace
And if last night's dinner
Left you feeling nauseous
At least when we ate it
It was delicious

I will be your flipside
The optimism you lack
Because I know
That opposites attract!

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