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Confira a Letra Hearts & Crafts


Hearts & Crafts

Nothing makes my heart flutter and stop
Like a couple of hours in a stationery shop
And nothing on earth makes me feel finer
Than the chance to purchase a new fineliner
When I leave at the end
With a bag full of pens
Some glue, some stencils
And a mechanical pencil
I know I'll be back
For a pack of blu-tack
Some paint, blue and green
And a guillotine

I'll create some art and win your heart
(Scissors and glue will endear me to you)
I'll make you a card and win your heart
These coloured letters make everything better

Nothing makes my heart swell up so large
As collecting materials for a collage
And there's no finer thing to inspire the creator
Than the possibility in a stack of blank paper
When I walk out the door
Having emptied the store
Of glitter and sketchbooks
I can't believe my luck
When I finally get home
I call you on the phone
And explain my ideas
For this pack of pipe-cleaners.

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