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Confira a Letra Secretary Of a Terrorist


Secretary Of a Terrorist

Sir, there's no time for a holiday
We need to scout for locations
We need the perfect time and place
For maximum devastation
You've got a busy calendar
I'm having to turn people away
You've got meetings scheduled for the rest of the week
And you're blowing yourself up on saturday

When I joined the agency
I said yes to admin
But I never thought I'd work
For a certified madman
When I asked for a temp job
I never planned for this
I'm the secretary
Of a terrorist

Sir, I'm doing my best here
To keep all your appointments in order
But it's taking all my organisational skill
To get explosives over the border
I'm being paid
Cash in hand
Not to divulge
The things you planned
I feel I should quit
Before it's too late
But the overtime
Is fucking great.

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