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Confira a Letra I Know, You Know, I Know

Last Conservative

I Know, You Know, I Know

Watch me fall is this all
You're just waiting for a ride
Had a ball but now I crawl
'cause it crippled me inside
Want to believe in you Tinman
but you're stealing all their hearts

Yeah you can get your sleep tonight
You can go without a fight
Here I drown until I get it right
I know you know I know

You get the dream behind my steam
My coattails are wearing thin
Walk the beam tonight i scream
I'll die before I give in

I want to forgive you Scarecrow
but you're killing me tonight

So you show through the driving snow
I guess I'm glad you're here
You don't know just what you owe
But the payment's due this year

Yeah it looks like I got me another
Judas here tonight