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Confira a Letra Speak Softly

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Speak Softly

I made my be to cover my shame.
It's too late I've made those mistakes.
I could always say they sold it on the TV.
They said it was something I'd need

So meet me upstairs, meet me halfway
These sad things I'll say to your face.
Please don't hate me,
I've had enough already.

So go ahead and make your play
Forget my name and
remeber my face.
Everyone is out for

Tell me you love my deep blue eys
Touch my skin and bleed me dry.
I saw you in my dreams,
you were daytime starlight.
I've seen this flesh through sinful eyes
Go back on my word try, as I might.
Oh the devil's got my number,
but the Lord is on my side.

So go ahead and make your play
Forget my face and
remeber my name.
Everyone is out for themselves.

I do not understand.
Is this heart or is this hand?
I do not understand

Caught off gaurd, I won't say a thing
I'll cath my breath, we'll go for a spin.
But promise me, speak softly.

So go ahead and make your play
Forget my name, just forget my face.
Everyone is out for themselves