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Confira a Letra I Was Blown Away

Layng Martine Jr

I Was Blown Away

You drove up in your pickup truck
That hot September day
Not a wisp of wind in the parking lot
But honey I was blown away

And later on that fall at the Dixie Mall
When I didn't know what to say
I seen hide nor hair of no dynamite
But honey I was blown away

Big sister said "You'd better watch out"
I slammed my door and said
"You don't know what you're talkin' about"

Mama said I sang when the telephone rang
And she called out "Honey, it's Ray"
Like a piece of dust on a four lane road
Honey I was blown away

I'm talking 'bout smithereens
Just you in a pair of jeans
Now I know what crazy means


Then one Tuesday night Daddy said
"Some guy's on the porch with a big bouquet"
You stood there with your slicked-back hair
And honey, I was blown away

And when we slipped out back
Across the railroad track
And you softly touched my face
Well I never did feel a train go by
But honey, I was blown away

No, I never did feel a train go by
But honey, I was blown away