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Confira a Letra Can't Live a Day

Lea Finn

Can't Live a Day

I Could Live Life Alone
And Never Fill the Longings of My Heart
The Healing Warmth of Someone's Arms
And I Could Live Without Dreams
And Never Know the Thrill of What Could Be
With Every Star So Far and Out of Reach
I Could Live Without Many Things
And I Could Carry On, But...

I Couldn't Face My Life Tomorrow
Without Your Hope in My Heart I Know
I Can't Live a Day Without You
Lord, There's no Night and There's no Morning
Without Your Loving Arms to Hold Me
You're the Heartbeat of All I Do
I Can't Live a Day Without You

I Could Travel the World
See All the Wonders Beautiful and New
They'd Only Make Me Think of You
And I Could Have All Life Offers
Riches That Were Far Beyond Compare
To Grant My Every Wish Without a Care
Oh, I Could do Anything, Oh Yes
But If You Weren't in It All...


Oh, Jesus, I Live Because You Live
You're Like the Air I Breathe
Oh, Jesus, I Have Because You Give
You're Everything to Me

Chorus 2x