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Confira a Letra Don't Save It All For Christmas

Lea Finn

Don't Save It All For Christmas

Don't Get So Busy That You Miss
Giving Just a Little Kiss
To the Ones You Love
Don't Even Wait a Little While
To Give Them Just a Little Smile
A Little Is Enough
See How Many People Are Crying
Some People Are Dying
How Many People Are Asing For Love
So Don't Save It All For Christmas Day
Find a Way
To Give a Little Love Every Day
Don't Save It All For Christmas Day
Rind a Way
'cause Holidays Have Come and Gone
But Love Lives On
If You Give On
How Could You Wait Another Minute
A Hug Is Warmer When You're in It
Oh, Baby That's a Fact
And Saying I Love You's Always Better
Seasons, Reasons They Don't Matter
So Don't Hold Back
See How Many People in This World
So Needful in This World
How Many People Are Praying For Love
So Let All the Children Know
Everywhere That They Go
Their Whole Life Long
Let Them Know Love