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Confira a Letra We Are the Reason

Lea Finn

We Are the Reason

As Little Children
We Would Dream of Christmas Morn
Of All the Gifts and Toys
We Knew We'd Find
But We Never Realized
A Baby Born One Blessed Night
Gave Us the Greatest Gift of Our Lives

We Were the Reason
That He Gave His Life
We Were the Reason
That He Suffered and Died
To a World That Was Lost
He Gave All He Could Give
To Show Us the Reason to Live

As the Years Went By
We Learned More About Gifts
The Giving of Ourselves
And What That Means
On a Dark and Cloudy Day
A Man Hung Crying in the Rain
All Because of Love, All Because of Love

I've Finally Found the Reason For Living
It's in Giving Every Part of My Heart to Him
In All That I do Every Word That I Say
I'll Be Giving My All Just For Him, For Him

He Is My Reason to Live