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Confira a Letra Mexican Money

Lee Roy Parnell

Mexican Money

I been workin' on the boats in Galveston Bay
Holdin' on to what I can when I draw my pay
I love a girl south of the Rio Grande
Been savin' up to bright her to the promised land
Bring her to the promised land

Well I got a few hundred but it ain't too much
Compared to just a smile from me one I love
So when I got a letter said she missed her man
I knew I was gonna have to change my plans
Gonna have to change my plans

I'm gonna trade my dollars for Mexican money
Mexican money that's what I need
Gonna live forever with my Mexican honey
She's there waitin' for me

[ guitar ]
Well I left her standin' down in the ocean breeze
Promised I would build a life for her and me
But I can't get ahead no matter how I try
I think it's time that I was tellin' Texas goodbye
Tellin' ol' Texas goodbye

So tonight I'm headin' down to the borderline
Takin' what I can leaving the rest behind
Long as I've got her there's one thing I know
I'll be the richest man in Mexico
Richest man in Mexico

I'm gonna trade my dollars for Mexican money...
I'm gonna trade my dollars for Mexican money...

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