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Confira a Letra Roller Coaster

Lee Roy Parnell

Roller Coaster

Well I thought I was in for an easy ride
You and me baby side by side
But this thing's scarin' me to death
My heart's poundin' can't catch my breath

Well it's up and it's down yeah whipping my heart around
There ain't no holding back yeah I hope it don't jump the track
On this roller coaster whoa you better hold on tight
Roller coaster crazy but it sure feels right
This thing's moving way too fast how long can we last
On this roller coaster of love

Well you know I'm the kind that likes a thrill
Double dare me baby you know I will
But this ride's gettin' way too rough
We belong in the tunnel of love

Well it's up and it's down...

Then two turns back we were slowin' down
Almost had my feel on the ground
Just when I thought that I could turn you loose
Your sweet kiss threw me for a loop

Well it's up and it's down...

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