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Confira a Letra Tell The Truth

Lee Roy Parnell

Tell The Truth

As many sides to a story
As there are characters involved
But there is always that one more we
Never talk about at all
The side you can't take nothing from
And you can't add nothing to
So why don't we just tell
Just tell
Tell the truth

With no need for re-creating
Things that never have occured
No postering or masquerading
Just a lie in other words
As simple as it seems to be
It's the hardest thing to do
So why don't we just tell
Just tell
Tell the truth

Long before the truth was ever ours
To once be spoken
We must find the strength to look inside
With eyes wide open
And pull the mask away
Finally see the face
Of the one we never knew
Why don't we just tell
Just tell
Baby won"t you
Tell the truth

Now we all put our best foot forward
Because we all want to be loved
But how will true love ever find us
If we're just someone we've made up
How could we think something's wrong
Knowing god made me and you
So why don't we just tell
Just tell
Tell the truth
Just tell
Tell the truth

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