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Confira a Letra That's All There Is

Lee Roy Parnell

That's All There Is

More than a mountain of silver more than a river of pearls
Her love is more precious than anything in this world
Every time that I hold her it’s like a diamond I’ve found
And when she whispers my name all my troubles go
Tumbling down

And that’s all there is, child and there ain’t no
More ain’t nothing else here, child worth you troubling
For them with it are rich, babe them without it so poor
That’s all there is my child there ain’t no more
Summertime in the evening fireflies come out children
Lost in the feeling chasing them all around and round and
Round gentle hands that hold one “daddy, quick come see”
And the look on her face is nothing less than amazing to me

[Repeat chorus]

Oh I’ve, I’ve come to understand I know now the lucky man
Ain’t the one who has all that he wants but the one who
Wants all that he has

Repeat chorus

Oh, that’s all there is child don’t waste your time worrying,
Babe ain’t worth the worry that’s all

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