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Confira a Letra In Sorrow I Rise

Left In Torment

In Sorrow I Rise

Once I entered brave this abyss,
Knowing truth must lie beyond
Have choosen paths of deepest sorrow;
Saturn's word shall reign beyond
So cold this haze feels on my face,
So dark and meaningful his touch
Embraced entirely my being,
Held by darkness' gently clutch

Since sacrificed my hope and walked,
Across these valleys of distress
Have seen so many souls yet crushed,
Are withering, slowly depress
And fade as still no light appears,
Can feel myself yet down here lying
Forces being drained by angst,
Reality is slowly dying

But soon I feel insight rising,
Where once was sorrow and gloom
Born in the ash of desperation,
Grows my ultimate wisdom
Saturn, thou callst me again,
Across my inner widths
Your path was the gift,
And not its ending

Once I gained this knowledge,
Every step further I grow
What once was damnation,
Finally becomes ascension
Holding the key I proceed,
Awakened from agonal slumber
The journey comes to its end,
As comes mine