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Confira a Letra Then I'll Come Back To You

Lefty Frizzell

Then I'll Come Back To You

If there ever is a sand storm out on the deep blue sea
If i ever see an elephant climbing up a tree
If i ever find a blackbird that’s a bright red shade of blue
And the ocean turns to pea soup i’ll come back to you

There’s no need of crying and saying you’ll be true
You know that you were lying on the day you said i do
If i ever find a drunkard that doesn’t like his brew
And the moon turns to cream cheese then i’ll come back to you

If the world should stop its turning and stars come tumbling down
If i ever find a lady that doesn’t want a new gown
If the air that were are breathing should suddenly turn to stew
And i lose my senses then i’ll come home to you

You never could be trusted you’re not the faithful kind
If ever i come back to you you’ll know i’ve lost my mind
If i ever find a flower that doesn’t like the dew
And easter comes on wednesday then i’ll come home to you