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Confira a Letra Time Out For The Blues

Lefty Frizzell

Time Out For The Blues

Well the mail don't come and the phone don't ring
Lost all i had lost everything
But now you're gone what can i do
I'm gonna take t-ime out for the blues

Baby you don't know what you've done to me
You've filled my life with misery
I keep walking the floor i wore out my shoes
I'm gonna take t-ime time out for the blues

Yeah when i come home you was never there
You didn't think u-mm you didn't care
But it's too late now honey i've got some news
I'm gonna take t-ime out for the blues

Just a photograph that's signed with love
I'll kiss it too u-mm or a little hug
That's all i have that's part of you
I'm gonna take time time out for the blues