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Confira a Letra It Hurts

Lena Philipsson

It Hurts

Nobody but me
Could know the way i feel

I'm standing on a roof-top
And i'm crying out your name
I'm looking for an answer
And for somebody to blame
'cause even though it's over
You linger on my mind

Hurts, oh it hurts, really hurts
In the middle of the night
In the light of the day
You know that it hurts, oh it hurts, really hurts
And i wish i could be stronger
No longer afraid
Nobody but me
Could know the way i feel
How it hurts
Oh, it hurts

I'm trying to forget love
The pain i feel inside
I'm clinging to my pillow
And the tears i cannot hide
I wish it could be over
So i could start anew


Not easy to remember
And even harder to forget
Whenever i surrender
You're always on my mind


I wish i could be stronger
But it hurts