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Confira a Letra My name

Lena Philipsson

My name

This is the story about love
When you are struck by love
Don't let go, don't let go

I say, say, say
I was walking down the street
And suddenly I saw this man
Ooh, and I felt he was one of my kind
And he surely looked my way
And what did you say - well I said to myself
It's now or never
And what did you do - dooo, well girls,
I walked up to him
cleared my throat and said

My name is Lena Ph
I am a secret agent in visions
I travel through time and space
I am a moving face in your senses
In anyway you like it
In anyway you want it
I'm the woman for you
In anyway you love it
In anyway you need it
I'm the woman for you

Ooh, tell me darling -
Where did you get this fancy smile
I wanna show you so badly,
Everything I am tonight
And what did he do - well you know how it is
When you're struck by love
You gotta sit down and catch your breath
And what he say - say, say, what did he say
He just smiled at me
So I'd better tell him once again

My name...

Come along - it can't go wrong
Come along - it can't go wrong

I can show you a colour
You've never seen before
I can give you a taste of land
You can explore
An interchange of our chemistries
In the universe of confidence
Don't worry about the hugging
The kissing and the loving

'Cause I'll teach you all I know
About the birds and the bees
We can laugh together
We can cry together
We can fight together
We can travel the world

My name...

Play it again Sam

Say it to me
Say it to me
That's a story about love