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Confira a Letra Rise Of The Dead Unicorn

Lethal Metal

Rise Of The Dead Unicorn

This night haven't met the dawn
The sun will appear no more
Sky remain in a dead and empty eye
And is written, you will die

The river won't meet the lake
You will never meet your fate
A lock is locking your home The prophecy was done

The city is stuck on the ice
For everything, we pay a price
I hope, someone to hold your hand
When come the real end

The eyes of truth want to sleep
And a master rise from the deep
The troop will be coming from behind
And then, will be no hide

Now time will stop
Death will give the last shot
Hand of future ripping out the past
Giving you your last breath

Opened the hole in the sky
The unicorn ripping out the line of time
Galloping hard on life´s field
Now universe is sealed