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Confira a Letra Crowned Pawn


Crowned Pawn

Staring in the grinning face of defeat
Advancing through the chess board square by square
Forced by phantom hand, pawns follow the lead
March assembled just to end in the fire

Decidedly resides from
Unequal struggle with fear
But vows has been written
Retreat is forbidden
And Death surely follows defiance

So stand your ground!

Crown and so it’s burden is not for the fools
Not for those who want to keep all the pieces
The King is always holding his eyes on the prize
When the mind is on fire as rule the heart is in ice

Fool, follow the lead!!!

In every kingdom the King is attendant
Under reign of the course of interests
And at the end of the game once important
All the figures lay back into the chest

Crowned pawn!
The King is only a crowned pawn!
Crowned pawn!
The King is pawn with crown!