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Confira a Letra Innocence

Lillian Axe


Cool, cool, Innocence
Like an angel blowing kisses from the sky
Cool, cool, Innocence
In a way that takes my breath away, no lie
Pure and white as the driven snow
It's a sin, I know

Cool, cool, Innocence
Like an answered prayer, put my thoughts to shame
Cool, cool, Innocence
Virgin, untouched animal you can never tame
Can't believe my lyin' eyes
No matter how I try

Beauty, surround me, release me, astound me
Innocence, Decadence, Innocence
Breaks me down.

Cool, cool, Innocence
I can taste the sweet surrender on her lips
Cold, hard, Decadence
She's a lonely face that launched a thousand ships

Pure and white as the driven snow
Well, she don't know

The wicked ways of the world have not found her
Young, restless heart, blind to darkness
Around her

Cool, cool, Innocence,
Cool, cool, Innocence,
Cool, cool, Innocence.