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Confira a Letra Voices In My Walls

Lillian Axe

Voices In My Walls

"We're not here to hurt you," the voices told me,
then they laughed away.
"Sit, relax, stay calm." Now they control me
they rule my day.

Everybody needs someone to talk to
With a fire and a body that can touch you,
Even now I think I need somebody
Don't think that I could ever have my time alone
'Cause I'm a captive soul,
To the voices in my walls
Fear has settled in, my room commands me,
Keeps me warm inside,

Sleep exists no more, a living zombie

I'm mystified.

'Cause I'm a captive soul,

Listen in wonder, the secrets I've been told

By the voices in my walls

"Come with us give us control, and we'll possess you heart and soul,

You'll see new colors you can't describe,

And feel strange things you've never tried."

Candlelight for me, a fading sunset,

Take me away

I'm a captive soul

Living in wonder the secrets I've been told

By the voices in my walls,

I'm a captive soul,

You gotta believe me,

The secrets amaze and confuse me

With no self-control,

The voices are calling me now

The voices are calling me now

I'm a captive soul