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Confira a Letra Make It Last

Lisa Dal Bello

Make It Last

I don't want to run your life
Or try to tell you what to do
Oh but babe it seems I never ever get enough of you
My fortune teller tells me you're the kind of man that I should try to lose
What she don't know is no man's ever turned me on the way you do

C'mon baby
Make It Last
C'mon baby
Make It Last

You call me on the phone
Whisper all the words I love to hear
Then you come around my door
Saying you only got one hour to spare
My crystal ball is spinning
Telling me I'm gonna get a good man soon
But right now honey ain't no man that turns me on
The way you do

C'mon baby
Make It Last
C'mon baby
Make It Last

Uh-huh let's dance the night away
Oh if only you would try to stay
Uh-huh you're such a busy man
And I'm trying to do the best I can
So stay a little longer just a little longer
Try to make the evening last