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Confira a Letra Talk it Over

Lisa Dal Bello

Talk it Over

Like a rose
I return to the garden
I suppose you're bought to be sold

Even though my body's cold
Even though my body's cold
Ain't prepared to be re-souled
Don't you dare! My body's cold

It's just like a toy soldier
Trying to turn a new leaf over
Two plus two don't always make a four-leaf clover
I don't wanna leave and I suggest we better talk it over

Over (Talk it over)
Over (Talk it over, turn a new leaf over)
Over (Turn me over)
Over (Turn me over, turn my body over)

Once you're travelled on the road to China
Leaving all of your worldly goods behind ya
Wiseman will be waiting to remind ya
And the truth will surely blind ya
(And I think we better talk it over)