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Confira a Letra Touch Me

Lisa Dal Bello

Touch Me

Your face
Seems to me I've known you
Somewhere in a half-enchanted place
I have touched your face

You smile
The way you move me
You walk on stage, I taste the wine
The power flows, this stallion's mine
You spin me 'round and burst me at the seams

Won't you touch me?
Come on and touch me
You smile and you too-much-me
Won't you come into my dream
And touch me?

You can write the story
I can play the lady you've been waiting for
You are beautiful

Now I can hear the music
You stand up there, arms open wide
Taunting me to step inside
How absurd! Oh God, this night has been

Won't you touch me?
Come on and touch me
You soothe me then you rush me
Won't you come inside my dream
And touch me?

Did you know I followed you?
Did you know that you enticed me?
To write it in the stars that you will
Save me, shoot me on to paradise!

Reach out babe and touch my soul
You can love me, baby, til you lose control