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Confira a Letra Save Up Your Hopes Friends


Save Up Your Hopes Friends

People who have no hopes are easy to control
With nothing and uncertainty
Rumors of wars with monsoons and tornadoes
Will keep fear over their eyes and locks on their feet
If there were something then at least that would be something
But there's not and it buries cracks of drought
Tearing apart empires and homes and the dreams of men
Sealing the entrance and every way out
There is hope but no heart can touch it
Unless it's traded wants, for others needs
It is emptiness that is left and destroying the world
Priceless possessions held so tight that it bleeds
The end is near, they won't believe it
Until a waking nightmare they can see it
And they'll know it has begun
When zero blocks out the sun
Blinded by the fact that they can see nothing
One by one they scream silently as they run

It'll start like hot rain searing through the leaves
And boil the sea turning every grass yellow
It comes with no warning and wants no reprieve
As it begins with dark clouds and silence
The oceans will be covered in water
And the mountains turned in to sand
The trees will be scattered like stars in the night
And beneath it all will be buried the land
The air will turn sour and make mothers hate their daughters
And fathers will take the blade to their sons
Earthquakes will level houses
Hurricanes will take the cattle
Birds of prey will lay claim to the rest
The crops will be devoured by locusts and lightning
And when nothing is left, the thunder will rest
The mountains in the sea will crack at their bases
And send the earth far away from its sun
They'll fall off the planet and leave the world weightless
And everything will freeze together as one
And for years that measure one million times seven
Times eleven million by seventy seven
It'll rocket into nothing, rock ice spinning into nothing
Until fire smashes it into glass
And sends a rain of boiling vapor
Like arrows ripping into paper
On to our heads, lava and poison ash
And it begins. save up your hopes friends
And send them to the corners of your end
There is something coming, and everything matters
Guard your heart, and watch the wind